Do mornings often find you in a rush, settling for a quick bite or just a coffee to start your day? You’re not alone. In the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to lean on quick fixes that seem to save time but might leave you feeling less than energized as the day goes on, and more likely to snack all day. Those extra snacks are adding to extra pounds, especially around the middle. But there is a way to stop those pantry raids.

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Dear incredible midlife women, it’s time to rewrite the narrative of fitness and self-care. No more endless hours at the gym or daunting routines that leave you sore for days. Introducing our transformative at-home monthly strength training program, designed exclusively for busy women like you who are juggling family, work, and the demands of life.

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Manage the Menopause Middle Transformation

I’m excited to share a special gift with you – a FREE guide titled **30 Foods with 30 Grams of Protein**. This guide is more than just a list; it’s a pathway to transforming your daily eating habits. Protein-rich foods are key to satisfying hunger, stabilizing energy levels, and ensuring that your body has the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Why Protein?

Incorporating these foods into your routine helps maintain a feeling of fullness throughout the day, keeping those snack cravings at bay. It’s about making choices that support your body’s needs, helping you move away from the quick fixes and towards sustained energy and wellness. This change can be particularly empowering as we navigate the changes our bodies undergo in midlife, supporting a strong and vibrant lifestyle.

Meet Your EmpowHerment Coach

Jen Shaver

Fitness Coach

Meet Jen – wife to her high school sweetheart, proud mom of 3 incredible humans. With a journey that weaves through education and fitness, she’s here to guide busy midlife women on a transformative path of health and empowerment.

About Jen: A former middle and high school Spanish teacher, Jen’s passion for teaching goes hand in hand with her zest for fitness. Her mission? To empower women to reshape their relationship with exercise, aligning it with their bodies, hormones, and demanding schedules.

From Endurance to Empowerment: Jen’s story unfolds from her days as an endurance athlete and cardio enthusiast, tackling triathlons and marathons. At the age of 33, she discovered the exhilarating world of running, but hurdles emerged in the form of pain – bulging discs, anemia, and joint discomfort. The realization struck hard: strength and stretching were vital missing pieces. This realization ignited her dedication to fostering holistic wellness.


Join Us on the Path to a More Energized You

Download your free guide today and discover the difference a protein-packed start to your day can make. It’s your first step towards a more energized, focused, and balanced life.

Your 12-Week Personal Guide Through Menopause

Embark on a transformative journey designed just for you, a woman navigating the pivotal changes of menopause. My 12-week Manage the Menopause Middle program blends key fitness and lifestyle strategies, tailored to support you personally as you adapt to the shifts in your body and life.

Access to Strong for Life workouts that are specially designed to fit your busy life. These routines focus on strength, tone, and flexibility without extreme movements or a significant time investment, allowing you to make progress at your own comfortable pace.

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Embrace Your Wellness Journey

This isn’t just about avoiding the snacks that leave us feeling sluggish; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that fuels our bodies and minds for the better. Our **30 Foods with 30 Grams of Protein** guide is designed to introduce you to the joy of eating well, with delicious, nutritious options that fit into your busy life.