Let’s HIIT It!

Many exercise enthusiasts have recently added HIIT to their exercise regimen. It seems that every few years, something new takes the fitness field by storm. The 80’s brought us leg warmers and aerobics with Jane Fonda. Billy Blanks came along with Tae Bo in the 90’s...

The Power of Strength

For many individuals, the thought of strength training or weight lifting is met with resistance (pun intended). They may not completely understand the true benefits of strength training, as it can add not only to maintaining a healthy weight and weight loss goals, but...

Innovative Therapeutic Interventions

As athletes we demand a lot from our bodies. Whether you are training for a specific event, active as a weekend warrior, or striving to attain a level of general fitness, you are an athlete. Athletic endeavors provide a sense of accomplishment and physical enrichment,...

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