Do mornings often find you in a rush, settling for a quick bite or just a coffee to start your day? You’re not alone. In the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to lean on quick fixes that seem to save time but might leave you feeling less than energized as the day goes on, and more likely to snack all day. Those extra snacks are adding to extra pounds, especially around the middle. But there is a way to stop those pantry raids.

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Are You Ready for a Healthier, More Vibrant Midlife?

You and I will have weekly one-on-one sessions. These are your chance for personalized support and guidance as you navigate through the program and the menopausal transition. It’s about building a partnership focused on your well-being. 

Drawing from my professional expertise in women’s health and fitness during menopause, I’ll provide you with advice and support that’s specifically tailored to your journey. The program is designed with your needs in mind, offering flexibility and understanding.

Menopause affects every aspect of your life, which is why I offer strategies that cover improving sleep, reducing stress, and managing symptoms. It’s about holistic care for your entire being during this transformative period.

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Learn to Easily Incorporate Protein


Instead of general nutritional guidance, I focus on teaching you how to easily incorporate more protein into your diet. This is crucial for feeling fuller longer, avoiding junk food, and never having to deal with those constant feelings of hunger.

Making healthier choices will become second nature to you.

Meet Your Empowerment Coach

Jen Shaver

Fitness Coach

Meet Jen – wife to her high school sweetheart, proud mom of 3 incredible humans. With a journey that weaves through education and fitness, she’s here to guide busy midlife women on a transformative path of health and empowerment.

About Jen: A former middle and high school Spanish teacher, Jen’s passion for teaching goes hand in hand with her zest for fitness. Her mission? To empower women to reshape their relationship with exercise, aligning it with their bodies, hormones, and demanding schedules.

From Endurance to Empowerment: Jen’s story unfolds from her days as an endurance athlete and cardio enthusiast, tackling triathlons and marathons. At the age of 33, she discovered the exhilarating world of running, but hurdles emerged in the form of pain – bulging discs, anemia, and joint discomfort. The realization struck hard: strength and stretching were vital missing pieces. This realization ignited her dedication to fostering holistic wellness.

Unveiling Inner Strength: Today, Jen is your partner in unveiling the strength and confidence concealed within you. No need for intimidating gym sessions or overwhelming routines. From the comfort of your own home, Jen’s guidance and expertise pave the way for you to embrace exercise tailored to your body’s unique needs.

It’s Your Time: The journey to well-being doesn’t have to be painful or time-consuming. Jen understands the intricacies of midlife and the tightrope you walk every day. With her, you’ll discover a holistic approach that integrates seamlessly into your life, honoring both your well-being and your commitments.

Join the Movement: Ready to embark on a journey that redefines your wellness narrative? Let Jen be your guide. Together, you’ll craft a story of strength, resilience, and flourishing vitality. Step into a realm where exercise becomes not just a routine, but a celebration of your body and spirit. Try a FREE Strong for Life workout today. Your transformation awaits.


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– Jen

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